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Leadership Based Dog Training is a professionally owned dog training company that focuses on the highest quality dog training techniques, strategies and behavior solutions in the world. We understand that the abundance of information and opinions out there can be overwhelming for dog owners, which is why we cut through the noise and provide you with the best training and coaching from the very first session.

Our confidence in our methods is reflected in our "BEFORE AND AFTER" videos on our website and Instagram. We showcase real training results and the transformation of dogs with problematic behaviors, demonstrating the desired results that we all want as dog owners. Unlike other dog training companies, we don't just claim to be professionals - we have the results to prove it. We are committed to teaching you and your dog everything for real lasting change and how to walk properly and calmly in any real-world situation or environment.


I am confident in my deep understanding of canine behavior, including the reasons behind their actions and what they need from us to thrive. I believe in real-world training outside of a classroom or facility. I provide first-class coaching and training to owners to ensure they are the best dog handlers possible in any situation.

Each program is customized to fit the unique needs of the dog, with a strong focus on building confidence, calmness, and fulfilling their basic needs for happiness and connection with their owner. As a balanced trainer, I use verbal markers and rewards, training collars, and the micro educator e-collar from e-collar technologies to ensure reliable training in public and around distractions.

Choosing Leadership Based Dog Training will be the best decision you ever make for you and your dog.

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