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"Empowering Anxious Dogs: Solutions for separation Anxiety"

If your dog exhibits excessive barking, howling, or whining when you leave the house or are out of sight, it's a sign of separation anxiety. If your dog engages in destructive behavior when you leave the house such as scratching or biting the front door, your dog has separation anxiety. If your dog is barking, chewing and pawing at the crate door while inside the crate and you are away, it's a sign or severe separation anxiety. If your dog becomes anxious and panics when you walk away from it outside or in the car, it's suffering from separation anxiety.

Dog owners always feel anxious about leaving their homes because they worry about their dogs' well-being. Some owners resort to leaving video cameras to monitor their dogs' behavior, only to feel saddened by what they observe.

Regrettably, the general consensus and advice out there does not yield tangible transformations for these dogs. I would never suggest merely diverting your dog's attention with a food-filled toy before leaving the house. Nor would I propose incorporating "brain games" for your dog as a solution when you leave your home because these are temporary distractions and not appropriate long-term solutions. Furthermore, I would not recommend consulting a veterinarian, as they will only prescribe medication that is ineffective for your dog and non-beneficial.

I understand that separation anxiety can be worrisome, but with the proper approach, proper training and guidance on my behalf, handling it can be resolved quickly, with my years of experience helping these dogs it's one of the easiest issues to address, help and fix.

Unfortunately way too many dogs live with this experience of life, when a dog has separation anxiety, they're panicking, anxious, nervous, stressed, barking and scared all at once. But don't worry, there are ways to help your pup feel more confident and calmer when you leave your home or are out of sight.

I confidently alleviate separation anxiety in dogs by implementing top-quality daily training routines for owners and their dogs. My proven separation anxiety training methods provide the best care for dogs struggling with separation anxiety. With my expert guidance and training, you and your furry friend will overcome this challenge in no time. Prepare to be impressed by the remarkable progress we'll achieve together in just a short period.

By introducing proper training, challenging activities, and new routines and outings, the dog begins to overcome its fears and will mature emotionally. We'll witness your dog ease out of its separation anxiety. Let me guide you through the process with demonstrations, training and coaching. You'll watch as your dog becomes a more relaxed version of themselves in no time at all.

As part of my personalized training, done in the convenience of your home and neighborhood, you'll receive daily homework after each session to help ensure lasting change. Your dog needs you to be a source of strength, confidence, consistency, love and certainty. By consistently practicing the training routines and techniques I teach, you'll embody these qualities and provide your furry friend with the support they need.

I provide flexible scheduling options, offering one or two sessions per week based on your availability. Additionally, I am committed to addressing all issues until they are fully resolved with as many sessions as needed. Witness the incredible help of Leadership Based Dog Training when it comes to dogs suffering from separation anxiety and let's start your journey towards experiencing the highest level of professionalism in dog training.

Let's help your dog today and let's get started!

  • Have more fun with your dog
  • Feel confident and in control
  • Bring your dog with you stress free
  • Decrease your dog's anxiety
  • Help your dog feel calm
  • Establish boundaries at home and away
  • Teach your dog to walk on leash
  • Understand your dog
  • Learn what stops behaviors

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