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It's important to seek the help of an aggression specialist in behavior modification if your dog displays any type of aggression towards you or strangers. In this particular aspect of my work, dog owners often tend to lose hope and struggle to find effective solutions for this problem.

The dog may exhibit aggressive behavior, such as baring its teeth or growling when touched or handled in a specific manner. Additionally, it may display resource guarding tendencies, potentially biting if someone approaches its food, toys, or even its owners.

It's crucial to acknowledge that all dogs have the potential to change and improve. Owners must be prepared to make a complete lifestyle change based on my recommendations, training and guidance that we'll do together. Owners need to be ready to alter their habits, tendencies, daily routines, and methods of communicating and interacting with their dog. When seeking assistance for helping these dogs, it's important to select a trainer with real proven experience and a successful approach.

I've worked with all types of dog aggression, including fear aggression, territorial aggression, protective aggression, and possessive aggression to name a few. If you need help with an aggressive dog, please don't hesitate to contact me today. Oftentimes these dogs get given up on quickly by owners, trainers, dog behaviorists and vets because they simply don't understand how to help you. Together, we can make a positive change in your dog's behavior and your relationship with them.

If the aggression is directed towards you, the owner, this is a clear indication that there's a lack of leadership and understanding in the relationship between the owner and the dog. It's important to be ready to make changes, I'll be there to support you every step of the way and show you exactly what needs to change and what needs to be done.

If your dog is NOT aggressive towards you, it's important to know how to help them become more calm, relaxed, tolerant, and friendly towards people and other dogs. With my years of experience working with aggressive dogs and learning from the world's most renowned dog aggression specialists, you can trust that I know the path needed to help your dog.

Knowing how to address aggression in dogs and the necessary changes in their lives is crucial. I strongly advise against giving up on your dog or isolating your dog when visitors come to your home, additionally, I do not ever recommend veterinary medication as a solution because it doesn't work. Rest assured, I know what these dogs need and I will provide continuous support throughout your dog's progress and transformation.

I want to assure you that there is a way to change the dynamics in and out of your household when it comes to your aggressive dog. With my deep understanding of canine behavior, dog psychology and nearly 10 years of experience I will guide you through the process. As part of my personalized training, done in the convenience of your home and neighborhood, you'll receive specific daily homework after each session to help ensure lasting change.

I provide flexible scheduling options, offering one or two sessions per week based on your availability. Additionally, I am committed to addressing all issues until they are fully resolved with as many sessions as needed. Experience the impact of Leadership Based Dog Training and let's start your journey towards experiencing the highest level of professionalism in dog training and rehabilitation.

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  • Have more fun with your dog
  • Feel confident and in control
  • Bring your dog with you stress free
  • Decrease your dog's anxiety
  • Help your dog feel calm
  • Establish boundaries at home and away
  • Teach your dog to walk on leash
  • Understand your dog
  • Learn what stops behaviors

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Leash Reactive Dogs

I understand the challenges of a reactive dog. As an expert in rehabilitation, I'm here to help your dog overcome leash reactivity towards dogs, , people, cars and bikes. With my guidance and expertise, you and your furry friend will enjoy peaceful walks anytime, anywhere. Let's help your dog out of reactivity and into calm, relaxing walks.

Fearful Dogs

Fearful, insecure and timid "covid dogs" are common due to lack of proper guidance from owners. As a canine rehabilitation training expert, I help these dogs go from scared to calm and confident. You'll see and learn what your dog needed from you all along, let me show you and your dog the way.

3 Sessions, Fast Track

I understand how important your time and results are to you, that's why I offer a guarantee of exceptional results in just three (2-hour long) dog training sessions. With my expert techniques and professional training, you can trust me to help you overcome any obstacle you may face with dependable outcome.

Separation Anxiety

Being an expert in solving separation anxiety. Our proven, trusted and effective approach will have your dog feeling secure and confident in no time. Our goal is to guide them towards a relaxed and assured state of mind feeling comfortable and secure when you're away. Let's work together to give your dog the support they need.

Aggressive Dogs

Knowing the various forms of dog aggression is crucial, but what truly matters is having the experience and skill to assist these dogs. My expertise and knowledge in rehabilitating aggressive dogs are essential for you and your pet's success. Let's give your dog a second chance.

Advance Obedience

Achieve real off leash control with our Advanced Obedience package. Your dog will learn to come when called from long distances, heel with no leash, down stay with no leash, and have complete off leash reliability. your dream dog awaits.