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Transforming Fearful Dogs into Confident Companions: Unleash their Full Potential

If your dog barks non-stop at every person who enters your home, barks at everybody outside or trembles and shakes in new and unfamiliar environments, then you my friend have a fearful, scared, timid and insecure dog.

If you have a fearful dog, he or she is insecure, scared, stressed, anxious and desperately needs our help. This is a sensitive situation that requires the expertise and understanding of an actual professional who knows how to assist you.

I empathize with you if you've sought help from a previous dog trainer without receiving any positive outcomes, solutions or training, I completely understand your frustration. I will never suggest isolating your dog in another room when visitors arrive due to excessive barking. I will not advise you to put your dog in a time-out or recommend veterinary medication, additionally, I will also never tell you that it takes months and years to maybe see results or positive changes.

For these dogs to thrive, it's essential for their owners to implement the lifestyle changes I recommend. It's important that owners are prepared to take action and make the necessary adjustments to their pet's daily routines and experiences of life. Get ready to put your learning into action every day and watch your dog thrive!

Together, we'll create new and beneficial routines that challenge your furry friend while providing strong leadership. I'll guide you with hands-on demonstrations, proven techniques, and personalized coaching. Let's give your pup the confidence to enjoy life to the fullest, whether it's meeting new people coming into the house, exploring new places, seeing and doing new things, being out in nature or socializing with other dogs.

At Leadership Based Dog Training, we transform fearful dogs into confident companions. Our compassionate and unique approach helps your furry friend overcome their fears and uncertainties. Being extremely experienced, knowledgeable and professional, I understand the simplicities of canine behavior and I'm dedicated to providing personalized training that builds trust and self-assurance in fearful dogs. As part of my personalized training, done in the convenience of your home and neighborhood, you'll receive daily homework after each session to help ensure lasting change. Your dog needs you to be a source of strength, confidence, consistency, love and certainty. By consistently practicing the training routines and techniques I teach, you'll embody these qualities and provide your dog with the support they need.

Let's unlock your dog's potential with fun and challenging daily routines, leadership, guidance and proper communication on our behalf. Witness your dog's transformation as they discover their full potential, becoming more relaxed, happy, and at ease in all situations. Watch our transformation videos on fearful dogs and rest assured you and your dog will enjoy the same results and positive change. I provide flexible scheduling options, offering one or two sessions per week based on your availability. Additionally, I am committed to addressing all issues until they are fully resolved with as many sessions as needed.

Witness the incredible impact Leadership Based Dog Training has on fearful dogs, and let's start your journey towards experiencing the highest level of professionalism in dog training.

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  • Have more fun with your dog
  • Feel confident and in control
  • Bring your dog with you stress free
  • Decrease your dog's anxiety
  • Help your dog feel calm
  • Establish boundaries at home and away
  • Teach your dog to walk on leash
  • Understand your dog
  • Learn what stops behaviors

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Leash Reactive Dogs

I understand the challenges of a reactive dog. As an expert in rehabilitation, I'm here to help your dog overcome leash reactivity towards dogs, , people, cars and bikes. With my guidance and expertise, you and your furry friend will enjoy peaceful walks anytime, anywhere. Let's help your dog out of reactivity and into calm, relaxing walks.

Fearful Dogs

Fearful, insecure and timid "covid dogs" are common due to lack of proper guidance from owners. As a canine rehabilitation training expert, I help these dogs go from scared to calm and confident. You'll see and learn what your dog needed from you all along, let me show you and your dog the way.

3 Sessions, Fast Track

I understand how important your time and results are to you, that's why I offer a guarantee of exceptional results in just three (2-hour long) dog training sessions. With my expert techniques and professional training, you can trust me to help you overcome any obstacle you may face with dependable outcome.

Separation Anxiety

Being an expert in solving separation anxiety. Our proven, trusted and effective approach will have your dog feeling secure and confident in no time. Our goal is to guide them towards a relaxed and assured state of mind feeling comfortable and secure when you're away. Let's work together to give your dog the support they need.

Aggressive Dogs

Knowing the various forms of dog aggression is crucial, but what truly matters is having the experience and skill to assist these dogs. My expertise and knowledge in rehabilitating aggressive dogs are essential for you and your pet's success. Let's give your dog a second chance.

Advance Obedience

Achieve real off leash control with our Advanced Obedience package. Your dog will learn to come when called from long distances, heel with no leash, down stay with no leash, and have complete off leash reliability. your dream dog awaits.